Welcome To Our Blog!

Welcome to hot cocoa and hockey!  We are Victoria and Ava…the mom and sister of a hockey player.  Vaughn plays on both a travel hockey team and a house league team. We both enjoy hot cocoa and have had so many hot cocoas from the many rinks we have been to, we decided to start a blog! So from now on, any rink that we get hot cocoa from we will review, and rate the drink and the rink itself based on our opinions. We tend to have games on weekends and every now and then throughout the week. We go out-of-state multiple times and go on tournaments, which if you did not already know are a few games at the same rink but on different days in a different state, and we get to stay in a hotels we will be reviewing the hotels as well! We hope you enjoy this blog as much as we do!!! -Victoria and Ava